Harith - Magnesium Sulphate

Harith provides two important nutrients for plant nutrients such as magnesium and sulphur. Harith helps to produce photosynthesis and prevents chlorosis there by improving yield levels. Harith helps the crops to withstand drought and saline conditions by improving the physilogical activity of plant.

Sugarcane special

Sugarcane special is a unique combination of chelated micronutrients required specifically for sugarcane only. Use of sugarcane special as foliar application improves tillering, cane girth, intermodal length and photosynthesis ability of sugarcane. Use of Sugarcane special improves yield 15- 20%. Sugarcane special can be along with other fungicides and insecticedes.


Vega is balanced combination of essential nutrients, micro elements such as Ferrous, Zinc, Manganese and Boron along with amino acids and hormones required for plant growth. Uniqueness of Vega is it is having the nutrients in chelated form which are readily available for crops where are other products contain sulfated forms of micronutrients which are not readily available and will create sulfur toxicity resulting scorching effect. Vega should be used for foliar application at concentration of 2-3 ml per litre before and during the flowering time. Vega is compatible with all pesticides and Insecticides.

Drip special

Drip special contains specific micronutrients, amino acids, hormones and essential nutrients required for nutrition through roots which can be applied through drip irrigation. Application of drip special improves germination and root development. Drip special increases nutrient absorption efficiently thereby improving the yield levels significantly. Drip special can be used in all crops.