Plant Growth Promoters


Vardak is a formulation containing sea weed extract, essential nutrients with hormones. Vardak contains contains a sufficient amount of oceanic bio-active matter such as Phycocolloid, Mannitol, Oligose, Polyphenol, Trehalase, Cytokinin, Betaine, Lignin etc which are essential for improving germination, root development, leaf quality, general plant vigor and resistance to pathogens. Vardak also benefits in flower set and fruit production. High quality of fruit have been recorded for many of both herbaceous and woody crop species. Vardak is compatible with all pesticides and insecticides.


Pusti is balanced combination of Nitrates, Amides and protein which are readily absorbed by crop plants when sprayed on them. Pusti is transported to all parts of plants when sprayed on leaves through translaminar action and will influence the photosynthesis action to improve the yield levels. Use of Pusti promotes uniform and profuse flowering, improves yield by 20 to 40 %, induces early fruit setting, increases fruit number and size. This helps in the flowering of crops like cotton, vegetables, paddy, cereals, pulses, fruit and plantation crops. Pusti is compatible with all pesticides and Insecticides.


Rudhi is a Combination of Chelated Micronutrients, Growth Promoter & Hormones for better flowering & Fruit setting.


  • Increases Flowering & Fruit Setting
  • Improves Size, Colour & Taste of the Fruit
  • Increases Flavour, Firmness & Keeping quality of Fruit
  • Reduces Flower & Fruit droping
  • Increases Photosynthesis


Compatible with all Pesticide & Insecticides


Sanjeevini is balanced combination of Potassium humate, fulvic acid, amino acid, see weed extract with chelated micronutrients.

Uses of Sanjeevini

  • Improve Soil Structure
  • Promotes roots development & Improves nutrient uptake
  • Improve Plant Growth and Flowering
  • Enhances seed setting & Fruit development
  • Improve Size, Colour Aroma & Sugar accumalation
  • Increases water holding capacity & Microbial activity
  • Improve Organic carbon levels in soil