Future Biotech - An Agriculture Biotech Enterprise

Future Biotech - An Agriculture Biotech Enterprise Future Biotech, is a research based agri-biotech manufacturing enterprise based in Karnataka, India. The Company is focused on bio solutions for crops and soils, Future Biotech manufactures Organic manure, micronutrients, BioFertilizers, Plant growth promoters and other Agri inputs. The enterprise is promoted by technocrats having experience in similar agri-biotech industry. We have 108 products approved for use in Organic agricultureTechnology.

Future Biotech provides services such as Soil testing, Water testing for agriculture purpose. We also provide technical consultancy by visiting the fields of farmers to manage pests and diseases efficiently.Farmers can avail our services by sending their crops photos using whatsapp to our customer care phone number get suggestions regarding pest and disease management.

  • Organic Manures

  • Micronutrients

  • Plant Growth (Vardhak)

  • Neem Oil